How to convert google play balance to paytm or UPI [2023]

If your google account contains play balance which you might have earned from google competitions,opinion rewards or random gift vouchers, you can convert them to digital cash and receive the amount via paytm or any UPI linked bank account.

For converting the play balance you need to follow 3 simple steps :

1) Download QxCredit app from google play store:

                        Get it on Google Play

2) Purchase a token of your choice by entering the payout details :


3) View your purchase in my tokens section and wait for 72 hours for the transaction to be verified and processed.
The below video demonstrates the process of purchasing a token of your choice to convert play balance:

After purchasing token you will also receive a confirmation mail from QxCredit regarding the purchased token information.

You can also view your purchased token on QxCredit website:

You can refer to the terms and condition and privacy policy of the QxCredit app on the same website:

If you have any complaint or suggestion for QxCredit App you can fill out the complaint form in "contact support" section in app or from website:


 if any doubts or queries please comment 🙂


  1. Replies
    1. please fill the contact support form via app or website link mentioned in the article.

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  3. Use this app

  4. Can I use dis app to convert my Google play voucher into cash

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