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Transfer google play balance to PayPal, Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay or any UPI linked bank account.

To transfer google play balance, opinion rewards or gift cards to PayPal, Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay or any UPI ID linked bank account , you can use QxCredit :Rewards Convertor app which is available on google play store: You will get back 80% of the google play balance.(for limited time only) App link: Follow these steps to transfer your play balance to paypal or UPI: 1) download app from play store. 2) login with your google account and phone number. 3) choose a token amount which you want to convert/transfer. 4) Enter your payout details.(UPI ID or PayPal Email) 5) wait for an acknowledgement mail form qxcredit containing information about your purchased token. 6) you will receive the amount within 3 days. 7) if you face any issues you can raise a query on website: About app: Introducing QxCredit : Rewards Converter Convert /Transfer or Exchange your Google Play Balan

Using google play voided purchase API in flutter

Google's voided purchase API can be used to find the purchases which are either refunded , cancelled, charged back  by the user and use the same to take action against the purchased item(in-app purchases) in your app. you can get more information about the API here: before using the API you need to set up API access clients: 1) create or use an existing API project in google play console: =>play console=>menu=>settings=>developer account=>API access 2)  create a service account and grant it necessary permissions ("view financial reports" permission) 3) create credentials for using the API: =>google cloud console =><your project>=>API & services=>credentials=>create credentials=>service account =>ensue to copy the service account credentials in the form: { "private_key_id": ..., "private_key": ...,